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This oil is used to attract financial gain, success, and abundance. You are an abundant being in an abundant universe. Abundance is your birthright and money is a tool for you to utilize in living your joyful, delicious life. Anoint yourself with this oil and watch the abundance flow in. Take note of it. Even the seemingly small things. This oil also shows you where you may have some money blocks, mindset, behaviors, and beliefs about money that keep you without. The truth is, you are lacking nothing and can have it all. You may just need direction tapping in. $$$


This oil is prayed over and charged. 


Anoint yourself with this oil, three drops (or to your heart’s desire) and enjoy the magic. Affirmations below.

1 oz bottle 





I have a great relationship with money. 

I am the bank, rich in everything. 

I am blessed and abundant. 

Money likes it when I spend it. 

Money flows to me in increase.

My money brings me more money.


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