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This oil is used for a boost of confidence, self-assuredness, and expectations of success. You move towards your success with confidence and this oil assists you in doing just that. Great for every day, to anoint yourself with before public speaking, or an event in which a confident first impression is crucial. This oil works wonders in dismantling fear and insecurity. You move with your head up high like the divine, sacred one you are! Be confident in yourself and your abilities. The carrot is you and your individuality. You are the prize. Radiate loudly. Sometimes you have to take it! It is yours! 


You can also gift this oil to your ancestors (hoodoo). At the heart of ancestral veneration stands empowerment and a spirit of resistance. 


This oil is prayed over and charged. 


Anoint yourself with this oil, three drops (or to your heart’s desire) and enjoy the magic. 1 oz bottle 


Affirmations below. 






I hold the expectation of success. 

I lead with the knowledge of all that I bring to the collaboration table. 

I call my power back to me. 

I move towards success with confidence. 

I have faith in my dreams. 

I AM (name here) and I am THAT (blank). 

I am an empowered being. 

I am confident in myself and in my abilities.


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