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Christina M. Wellness

Intuitive / Conjurer / Alchemist / Energy Healer 

" I am here to transmute the darkness into light and assist you in aligning with what it is you desire most." 

We can be in love with life and you can create a life you are in love with. I am here to help you do that. 

About me: I am a change maker, transformer, conjure woman, and strategist. I am an advocate for self power, the beauty in life, and loving life. 

Current Offerings: Voxer Sessions

Heres how these sessions work: 


You sign up and pick a day that works for you. That day is confirmed by me and we have a ten minute meeting to talk through the day and what you would like to get out of our time together. On the day of your session we will talk and chat throughout as you are going throughout your daily life (work school, making lunch etc.) You can ask questions, use me as a listening ear. I am here to support and guide you throughout your day :) Additionally, my background is in fine art, we can talk art that moves us. 

Coming Soon:

  • Art and Glamour Magic 

  • Products (Money magnetism oil, self confidence) 

  • All I know about Blank

  • Link to Christina Said

  • Reiki

  • spiritual guidance for beginners 

  • Playing Cards/ Tarot Reading

  • Divination 

  • What I Know about Hoodoo Conjure

  • Queer Identity and Sexuality BLANK

Glad you're here!



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